## Inner loop The **inner loop** is “The iterative process of writing, building and debugging code that a single developer performs before sharing the code, either publicly or with their team.” Developers spend the bulk of their implementation time following a workflow that looks something like this: 1. Change the code 2. Run the code 3. Analyze the output of running the code 4. Rinse and Repeat ![](https://media.graphcms.com/ZlPtcK8SDKptq1Os5f5g) ## Outer loop There are “outer dev loops” which start as soon as your code is checked into version control (or you send a PR for the same). This is where you hand over most of the responsibilities to automated systems, [[CICD]] pipelines to do the job for you as per a typical [[GitOps workflow]]. The outer loop changes in service configurations and application architectures occur less rapidly— maybe a few times a day for apps under active development. --- ## References - https://www.stackery.io/blog/how-to-serverless-locally/ - https://thenewstack.io/kubernetes-infrastructure-know-the-inner-dev-loop/