[[Infrastructure-as-Code]] tool for [[AWS Organizations]]. ## Who should use this? Teams who want to provision [[AWS]] accounts using a standardised configuration and access control that is easy to update and maintain via configuration code files. Particularly suited for [[Software services companies]] who build out [[AWS]] projects for their clients and for whom manual account setup is a relatively regular occurrence. ## Capabilities - Automated creation of child accounts when starting a new project - Provision [[AWS Route53|Route53]] subdomain hosted zones with a subdomain delegated to each environment account - Provision wildcard SSL certificates in [[AWS ACM]] - Create Budget Alerts based on threshold custom tag stored on each account - Create cross-account [[AWS IAM|IAM]] roles, e.g. the roles that would be used by a [[AWS CodePipeline|CodePipeline]] pipeline in a `tools` account to deploy to dev/staging/prod accounts See [full list of examples](https://github.com/org-formation/org-formation-cli/tree/master/examples) --- ## References - https://github.com/org-formation/org-formation-cli - [How to get started with OrgFormation · bahr.dev](https://bahr.dev/2022/02/07/org-formation/) by [[@Michael Bahr]]